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Software Reviews
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Reviews & Recommendations

Billing Software for the Mac
by Kenneth S. Pope, PhD, ABPP
APA list discussion, March 24, 2004
[Review -- ChartEvolve, MedAssist, PracticeMagic, Psychotherapy Practice Manager, ShrinkRapt, SumTime, TherapySoft]

Practice Management Software
by Thomas A. Blood, PhD
Solo Shrink Blog, January 15, 2006
[Review -- Brickell Medical Office]

Practice Management PC Software: QuicDoc and Office Therapy
by Ed Nottingham, PhD, ABPP
Review: APA Division 42 (Psychologists in Independent Practice)
[Review -- Office Therapy and QuicDoc]

Taking a New Look at Practice Management Software
by Larry Rosen, PhD
The National Psychologist, September/October 2000
[Review -- Delphi, Office Manager, Office Therapy, ShrinkRapt, Therapist Helper]

Therapist Helper and QuicDoc
by Ed Nottingham, PhD, ABPP
Review: APA Division 42 (Psychologists in Independent Practice)
[Review -- Therapist Helper and QuicDoc]

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Billing Software for the Mac
by Kenneth S. Pope, Ph.D., ABPP
March 24,2004
Reprinted with permission of the author

A colleague wrote:

"I have a friend/colleague who is considering getting a Mac. She would like to know if there are any billing and maybe scheduling software that work with Macs. She also wants to know if she is making a mistake with this potential purchase."

There are quite a few billing & scheduling programs that have Mac versions. I'm listing 7 of the most widely used below. The web sites for each describe how the software functions, how the program handles electronic claim submission (e.g., whether or not through a clearinghouse), etc. Some have free trial versions.

I'd recommend that anyone considering a new billing or management program consider the issue of electronic claims submission, the degree to which the program handles the kind of electronic claims that you want to do, and how it handles this aspect of billing. (Different programs can take very different approaches to electronic billing--an issue that has become more prominent under HIPAA.)

It's also important, of course, to see how well the approach and features of each program match up with your specific wants and needs. Differences between practices in terms of size, organization, and procedures can make a huge difference in what program "works" for a given setting, and a program that's terrific for one practice can be a disaster for another.

Here are the 7 programs and links to their web addresses:

SumTime practice management and billing software for therapists can submit HCFA electronically and has modules for other submissions:

ShrinkRapt handles electronic claims submissions, has PC & Mac versions, and, for those who have earlier versions of their programs, sells an "Electronic Claims Module." It's at:

The Psychotherapy Practice Manager also has an electronic claims submission module. You can find out more about them at: (discontinued--editor)

ChartEvolve by The CIMS Group "manages many of the HIPAA, OIG and Insurance Company regulatory demands for clinical documentation so you don't have to" and has a well-organized approach (as you can see by their chart in the URL that follows) to various forms of treatment payment options, HIPAA notes for the patient's records, and psychotherapy notes for your private files. Their web page is at:

TherapySoft has an optional feature for electronic billing:

PracticeMagic takes a different approach but can handle electronic submissions:

MedAssist has a module for electronic submissions: (discontinued--editor)

There is also an emulator program (Virtual PC) that allows windows programs to run on Macs; the key with this kind of program is to have enough memory so that it doesn't slow the machine.

Whether buying a Mac or a PC is a "mistake" depends, in my opinion, on the individual's unique situation and needs. My own personal experience is as someone who grew up in the PC world, learning how to build and repair windows machines, but who, a few years ago, decided to leave that familiar world behind and make the jump to a Mac. I've never regretted it. For me, it was the right choice. Not having had my computer freeze or crash since I got a Mac, and not having gotten any viruses, worms, etc., have been valuable benefits in addition to the others.

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